Diana Sinclair

Generational Healing

Generational Healing is a multi-media animation created for TIME's first NFT collection titled "Build a Better Future", created by 40+ artists around the world.

This piece is made to symbolize the process of generational healing and the shedding of trauma through abstract shapes and subtle references to both pain and hope. Read the full artist statement below.

This artwork is available on Opensea

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Building a better future is a generational process that includes many sacrifices and healing along the way. When talking about the future, especially in the digital spaces I’ve been inhabiting recently, many people discuss a utopia that will be unattainable to most, but especially those weighted with their lineage’s trauma, created by systemic oppression.

As a young Black American trying to embrace the new incoming era through crypto and the metaverse, I am still conscious of the generational trauma carried by people like me, and how that could affect our ability to fully partake. The animation in on this piece is made to abstractly represent what burdens we’ve had to carry, and the future we’d like to see ourselves in. The over-sexualization of Black women for profit, the forced consciousness on Black children, and other adversities passed down throughout the years all have heavily affected our generations, however, as seen through the transfer of the halo in this piece, we can heal ourselves and our future generations so that we might see a brighter future.

Embracing this increasingly virtual era has led me to meld and overlap many different techniques in my work. Many of them digital, some analog. Often that exploration encourages me to make experimental, multimedia, layered pieces. This video artwork is layered with digital rotoscoping, and a random effects generator.

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